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Your Defiant Teen:  10 Steps to Resolve Conflict and Rebuild Your Relationship
by Russell Barkley

Your Defiant Child:  Eight Steps to Better Behavior by Russell Barkley

The Explosive Child:  A New Approach for Understanding and Parenting Easily Frustrated, Chronically Inflexible Children by Ross Greene

Treating Explosive Kids:  The Collaborative Problem-Solving Approach by Ross Greene

What Your Explosive Child Is Trying To Tell You:  Discovering the Pathways from Symptoms to Solutions by Douglas Riley

Parenting a Child Who Has Intense Emotions: Dialectical Behavior Therapy Skills to Help Your Child Regulate Emotional Outbursts and Aggressive Behaviors
by Pat Harvey and Jeanine A. Penzo

Transforming the Difficult Child: The Nurtured Heart Approach
by Howard Glasser and Jennifer Easley

The Difficult Child: Expanded and Revised Edition by Stanley Turecki and Leslie Tonner

Setting Limits With Your Strong-Willed Child: Eliminating Conflict by Establishing Clear, Firm and Respectful Boundaries by Robert J. MacKenzie, Ed.D.

Try and Make Me! by Ray Levy and Bill O'Hanlon

The Challenging Child: Understanding, Raising, and Enjoying the Five "Difficult" Types of Children by Stanley I. Greenspan and Jacqueline Salmon

Before It's Too Late: Why Some Kids Get Into Trouble--and What Parents Can Do About It
by Stanton Samenow

Easy to Love but Hard to Raise: Real Parents, Challenging Kids, True Stories
by Kay Marner, Adrienne Ehlert Bashista and Edward Hallowell


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