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Parenting Teens with Love and Logic (Updated and Expanded Environment)
by Foster Cline and Jim Fay

Bonding with Your Teen Through Boundaries (Revised Edition)by June Hunt

Parenting Your Out-of- Control Teenager: 7 Steps to Reestablish Authority and Reclaim Love by Scott P. Sells

Got Teens?: Time-Tested Answers for Moms of Teens and Tweens
by Pam Farrel and Jill Savage

The Second Family: Dealing with Peer Power, Pop Culture, the Wall of Silence—and Other Challenges of Raising Today’s Teens by Melinda Blau and Ron Taffel

On Becoming Teen Wise: Building a Relationship That Lasts a Lifetime
by Gary Ezzo and Robert Buckham

Parent/Teen Breakthrough: The Relationship Approach
by Mira Kirshenbaum and Charles Foster

Parenting Your Teens with T.LC. by Patt Saso and Steve Saso

Parents, Teens and Boundaries: How to Draw the Line by Jane Bluestein

Wonderful Ways to Love a Teen: Even When It Seems Impossible by Judy Ford

Stop Negotiating With Your Teen: Strategies for Parenting Your Angry, Manipulative, Moody or Depressed Adolescent by Janet Sasson Edgette

Reaching Teens in Their Natural Habitat: A Field Guide for Savvy Parents by Danny Holland

Parenting Teenagers: Systematic Training for Effective Parenting of Teens
by Don Dinkmeyer and Gary McKay

10 Best Gifts for your Teen: Raising Teens with Love and Understanding
by Pat and Steve Saso

Parenting Today’s Adolescent Helping Your Child Avoid the Traps of The Preteen and Teen Years by Dennis Rainey and Barbara Rainey

Why Do They Act That Way?: A Survival Guide to the Adolescent Brain for You and Your Teen by David Walsh and Nat Bennet

And Then I Had Teenagers: Encouragement for Parents of Teens and Preteens
by Susan Alexander Yates

For Parents and Teenagers: Dissolving the Barrier Between You and Your Teen
by William Glasser

How To Really Love Your Teen by D. Ross Campbell

Yes, Your Teen is Crazy!: Loving Your Kid Without Losing Your Mind by Michael J. Bradley

How To Talk So Teens Will Listen and Listen So Teens Will Talk
by Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish

But I’m Almost 13!: Raising a Responsible Adolescent
by Kenneth Ginsburg, M.D.and Martha M. Jablow

Boundaries with Teens: When to Say Yes, How to Say No by John Sims Townsend


updated 20 September 2011

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